The Stonehouse Hotel



The Stonehouse Hotel covers a lovingly tended green-area. The individual Stonehouses are connected by small-scale ways. There are several accommodation opportunities in the Stonehouse Hotel, from the Stonehouse apartment up to a deluxe suite with a private pool or Yakuzi. The Stone House Hotel is an experience of living coupled with sun, beach and sea - just as you should take a holiday.

We say: Unique living experience, unique atmosphere combined with the service of the upper class!


The Stonehouse Hotel
63077 Afitos

Tel: 0030 23710 51102
Fax: 0030 23710 51104

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The Stonehouse Hotel with its Pool area is one of the most exclusive and elegant holiday homes in Chalkidiki. Located optimal, the Stonehouse hotel fascinates due to its luxury paired with ambience.


Thessaloniki Airport - Psakoudia The easiest way is to rent a cheap car rental for the duration of your stay on (transfer directly at Thessaloniki airport). You drive from the airport, on the only exit road towards Thessaloniki. After 800 meters turn right in the direction of New Moudania. Follow this highway about 60 miles to the exit for Sithonia, right there towards Sithonia Nikiti. Follow the road about 18 miles to the exit Psakoudia. (This exit is about 3 miles to Gerakini). If you come in to place Psakoudia, follow the only road about 1 kilometer. On the right you can see an information sign with our advertising and a great sign "Tourist Information". So your holiday begins.

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